Safety guide information

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Safety guide
● You might break the bonded abrasive products easily. For this reason, you have to handle them with utmost care. If you use damaged or improperly mounted abrasive products, it can be dangerous and can cause serious injuries.
Delivery, handing and storage of the products.
● Handle and transport with care.
● Store them in such a manner that they are not subject to mechanical damage and /or a high level of humidity.
Selection of the abrasive products.
● Follow the safety indications on the label.
●Make sure that you are using the wheel on a machine which is suitable for selected disc.
● Before mounting, examine the wheel visually.
● Do not mount if they are crack evidences,abusive handlings or abusive storage.
Operating speed
● Do not exceed the maximum operating speed that is indicated on the abrasive wheel.
●Following the instructions provided by both the wheel and the machine manufacturers
● The abrasive wheel must be mounted by a qualified trained person.
● Check the flanges and the adaptors for flatness of bearing surface. Do not use sprung or warped flanes or adapter that are not clean and free of burrs.
● Tighten the spindle end nut only enough to drive the wheel and prevent slippage.
● Before applying to workpiece, run all newly mounted wheels at operating speed for at least 10 seconds. For that period, do not stand in front of or in line with the wheel and do not exceed the maximum safe operating speed.
● If strong vibrations occur during the test run, stop the machine, release the tightened nut, remount the wheel and restart the machine.If the vibrations persist, do not use the wheel.
● Arbor hole size: fit the abrasive wheel freely but not loosely on the machine spindle. Do not alter the size of the arbor hole to fit the spindle.

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